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A simple build tool for ALICE experiment software and its externals. Recipes for the externals and ALICE software are stored in alidist.

Install with:

pip install alibuild

On macOS you can also install with:

brew tap alisw/system-deps
brew install alisw/system-deps/alibuild

Instant gratification on your machine with:

git clone
aliBuild build AliRoot

For a more verbose documentation of what is happening have a look at the quickstart guide. See the user guide for more command line options or have a look at the troubleshooting pages for hints on how to debug build errors. Have a look at the reference guide if you want to package your own software.

Simple build recipes

Build recipes are simple bash scripts with a YAML header. Whenever a dependency or a package changes only what is affected by the change is rebuilt.
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Reuses system tools

If desired, aliBuild will do its best to reuse what is available on the system, if compatible to what is found in the recipe.
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Docker support

aliBuild allows builds to happen inside a docker container, so that you can develop on Mac and build on your production Linux platform.
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Binary packages

aliBuild provides the ability to reuse binary packages which were previously centrally built, when they match the one that would be built locally.
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Developer mode

Besides building and packaging your dependencies, aliBuild provides you the ability to develop those via a simple git clone.
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Integrates with modules

Easily setup your work environment using `alienv`, which is based on standard modulefiles.
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